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How it works

Listing agents - find buyers for your listings or pocket listings

We provide a tool for listing agents to search and reach out to buyer agents with active buyers.

You can contact these agents before or even after you list the home in MLS.

Has your listing been accidentally overlooked or unintentionally eliminated by potential buyers?

Easily search to see if there is a perfect match!

Buyer agents - easily post and share your BuyerNeed in seconds

It’s as simple as filling out a few fields and then outlining where your buyer wishes to live.

Once outlined, our map feature automatically adds all of the important location information to your BuyerNeed!

Location information such as county or counties, city or cities, zip code(s), neighborhood(s), school(s) and addresses that are within your outlined area get attached to your BuyerNeed which makes your BuyerNeed easily searchable.

Streamlined Sharing

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